TransGaming has a longstanding history of success built around enablement technologies that continue to be essential to the largest publishers in the world. To fuel the incredible growth of the Mac platform, TransGaming delivers an easy and cost effective way to bring content across platforms.

Innovative Design

TransGaming's Cider Mac enablement technology allows content such as PC games to be enabled on Apple's Mac platform without the resource-heavy need to redevelop from the ground up. The technology acts as a wrapper, dynamically translating between the operating environments. Where other technologies focus on simply rewriting code, TransGaming's approach has redefined the entire enablement process.

Easy Implementation

Traditionally, Mac enablement required a heavy investment in resources by the publisher and potentially long delays for release. However, with TransGaming's Cider Mac enablement technology, top tier games can be brought to the Mac platform in a matter of days, rather than months with PC/Mac day-and-date releases. This means that top titles can be launched on Mac at the same time as their PC counterparts, allowing publishers to build on existing marketing efforts with resources. By simplifying the process, we continue to fuel industry growth by delivering some of gaming's top titles to the Mac.

Industry Leadership

Some of the top names in the industry already consider TransGaming's Cider Mac enablement technology to be essential to their operations. Companies such as EA, 2K, Rockstar, Disney Interactive, and Sony Online Entertainment have already used our technology to bring world-renowned gaming brands to Mac.

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