Welcome to another Game Spotlight on our blog! Today we are telling you to hit the tables and throw some money around. GAMBLE GAMBLE GAMBLE! Well, not really. The money is virtual and so is the table. What we’re talking about is World Poker Tour (WPT): Texas Hold’em. A realistic Texas Hold’em poker simulator game, available on GameTree TV.

WPT: Texas Hold’em lets you play against five different players. The game features different levels of increasing opponent difficulty. In each level, just like in traditional Texas Hold’em at your local casino, all players start with the same amount of money. As you would expect, the winner (hopefully you) is declared when there is only one player left with money. Big blinds and small blinds increase throughout the game as the number of players at the table get fewer.

Now, if you are like me and are wary of playing card games on computers due to factors ranging from scripting to poor AI decision making, let me put those fears to bed. This game is extremely competent in those areas. If you are worried that because you are playing a videogame you may get a good hand every time, fear not. Realism is what rules in WPT, which makes gameplay fun and exciting. It allows for the player to get a good variety of cards, without ever feeling like the game is forcing you into having a specific type of hand.

The AI also make very competent decisions, including raising and betting in attempts to bluff the other AI players (and you) into folding. They also are not afraid to fold if you bet all-in, despite having some money invested in the pot, if they don’t have the cards to potentially back it up.

As far as games go, it isn’t overly complicated. Your options are given on-screen: check, call, raise or fold. You are also given a little help in the form of a bar displaying what the computer believes to be the best choice. Importantly, it is possible to win or lose by both taking and ignoring the advice given by the computer, which is nice. It merely portrays statistically the best options for you given the cards in your hand.

WPT Game Image

The game also gives you the nice feature of being able to quickly skip through hands after you have folded. This is helpful as it allows you to save time by not having to sit and watch the computer endlessly bet back and forth after you have already removed yourself from the hand. That being said, it does still given you information on who won the hand, how they won (uncontested, pair of kings, etc) and how much money they were awarded.

All in all, this game is a great way to pass the time and has everything one would expect from a Texas Hold’em game: good controls, good opponents and a wide range of hands. Whether you are a casual player or seasoned card shark, this game will be sure to give you your Texas Hold’em fix in the comfort of your living room, directly from your TV.

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