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How do I subscribe to GTTV on Dish?
Just call 1-888-460-6522 and someone will take care of you.
How do I submit a score to a Leaderboard?

If your score qualifies for the Top 100 LEADERBOARD, submit it when your game is over. Choose from a list of existing nicknames or create a new nickname using the on-screen keyboard. That’s all.

Can I submit a score anywhere else?

Yes. Your scores can also make it into your Home Top 10 List. That’s the LEADERBOARD for games you play on your individual Dish Network Receiver.

How do I get my name on the Leaderboard?

To make it on the Leaderboard, you need to score more than the last name on the Top 100 LEADERBOARD list.

Also, your STB must have a phone line connection to submit your score.

I scored a great high score but don’t see my name on the Leaderboard.
What gives?

Every time someone scores higher than you-your name gets bumped down. Remember, there is only room for 100 on the Leaderboard; in order to stay on the list, you must continue to maintain a top score.. And FYI, lists take a few minutes to update so check back periodically. On the Home Leaderboard, there are no nicknames so games that only have this list will not ask for your name.

What is the Home Top 10 Leaderboard?

The Home Top 10 Leaderboard is the list that records high scores scored on each of your home Dish Network Receivers. This means that if someone scores higher than you on that receiver, you must beat their score on the same receiver to bump them down.

Can I submit a score if I don’t have a phone line attached to
my Dish Network receiver?

At this time, this service is not available.

Can I change my nickname after submitting a score?

Yes. When you submit a new score, you can edit your nickname. This will be automatically updated on all the Leaderboards.

Why can’t I save my game?

In some games, while the game is in “tournament mode”, the “Save Game” option is not available.

Why can’t I find my saved game?

If the game is no longer scheduled, you will not be able to resume any saved games. Sorry.

Where is my favorite game?

Sometimes we remove a game and return it at another time to make room for new games.

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